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Ristorante Italiano


Extensive branding project for an Italian Restaurant, named after the Venetian Island, Burano.

Art deco with a twist; Venice is a bit different from the rest of Italy, so we wanted to exclude the usual Italian restaurant design clichés - There are no Italian flag inspired elements, glorified images of tomatoes or pasta.

Instead, we created a visual language mixing art deco and seafood iconography tp get something new & fresh.

Fishermen from the island of Burano first started painting their houses in vibrant colours to see them in fog or from a long distance when they return from sea. However... many local guides say that houses were painted colorfully so that drunk sailors would recognise their houses as they came home after a long night of drinking…

In the design we wanted to reference this funny anecdote - therefore our logo is a little “off” in places; the line weight and the kerning is slightly different with every letter, and the characters’ height do not align perfectly either - it is almost like you are looking at it after having a bit too much🍷


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