Dantier + Balogh
design studio


Dantier & Balogh is an interior design + branding studio start up based in Hertfordshire. I have created Its extensive branding from logo design to website generation, as well as creating ongoing content for its social media channels.

dnbArtboard 3-100.jpg

The basic concept for the logo was to incorporate elements of architectural design tools (protractors, stationery, setsquare, etc.) within the composition, as well as the letters referencing the plan view of an interior.

I went with a grayscale colour palette for the brand, to mimic the idea of simple plan drawings - where the start of ideas are represented in simple and clear ways.

The brand needed a fair number of additional design elements to create explanatory icons & signs of what services they are offering to their clients.

With these I wanted to be as simple as possible to get the ideas across, whilst incorporating the ‘plan view’ concept of the brand aesthetics.